Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vulnerable Life

Life, they say is precious! What have you done with your? Mine, I can tell you, has reaffirmed the fragile essence of each day. I have become a pro at walking the tight rope; yet there is always the fear that I am going to fall. I used to look at my partner for the strength. I needed to keep walking the tight rope. Now I walk on my own enjoying the movement of my spirit, which flickers and swirls in each of my steps. I have learned that each day has the open possibility that is woven into the tightrope as I move along.

I noticed though when I look up from the tightrope, I see in the horizon may tighropes coming together; their colours amplied by the sunlight, the cascading colours of the day's sunset. I can close my eyes, if not just for a moment, and feel my tightrope intertwinning with others and making the rope expand. I no longer fear me falling.

Each day is filled with precious moments that weave the fibers of my rope enabling it to grow. The people around me either learn to see their own tight rope or they fear their own vulnerablity. Some people have come into our lives trying to break our connection with our work of creating the tight rope, others fear our ability to create because it forces them to see their own imperfections. Some people try to convince us that we can not survive without them and their words are empty with promises and dreams. Their dreams are empty when we actually have time to look at them, their purpose is to confuse and distract us from our fragile connection to life itself.

Find people who understand the vulnerablity that consists in life and you will find a person who can share is making your tight rope stronger. In the sea of human existence you will find many who do not understand and only want to consume life's precious moments, creating chaos. Those who understand Karma understand that those people who create chaos will recieve chaos and their lives will be filled with uncertantity and emptiness.

Life is precious the road will never be straight for anyone of us but all we can hope for is someone to relate to the vulnerability that you are experiencing and maybe just maybe you will be lucky enough to share the happiness that you feel as the tight rope gains more fibers of experiences.

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