Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is me

Gail, me and Mom and hey you and MagicWisdom these are just a few positive names that I have assigned to the face known as ME.

Who is me? Well I'm 43 and will be 44 on September 1, yes that makes me a virgo. I like to create, and push my mind to explore new things and concepts.

I am very selective regarding who I call friend, and I normally help as much as I can if my friends need it.
I am recently seperated and although I'm trying to look at this as a growth period, it can become overwhelming because of the changes that are occuring with my surroundings.

I would say that right now, I am not in the market for anything serious, however, I am opened to possibilities to see what and where they take me. Life is a series of doors, which one must have the courage to open. I have told the kids I have a new motto, "Don't cure me just love me" I think most of what I experienced in my marriage is that my husband wanted to fix me and found out that he couldn't. In reality what I showed him is that he needed a lot of fixing and he couldn't do that either, so he ran. I'm not as bitter as I was in the beginning. I realise that the woman he is with is very insecure, because she felt it was important to tell me she was with him. and had been insecure with the way their relationship began, all I can say is once a cheater always a cheater, and she doesn't know everything that he has done since he has left me. Oh well, it's not my problem anymore.

Now, I'm seeking a new path one that enables me to find my creativity again, find my passion again and find new adventures. Each day is a baby step in life as I walk away from the old and embrace the new. I will admit that sometimes the vindictive side wants to come out and say stuff that is mean, but I bite my tongue.

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Junior said...

I hope you enjoy the journey on your new path. We never know where life will take us, but sometimes you just have to take control of the direction.