Friday, May 12, 2006

What is Friendship

Have you ever sat and wondered what does it mean to be a friend? How do we value our friends and do we value our own friendship capabilities?
When I think about how I am as a friend, I start to wonder if my perceptions are the same as those who I call friend? Today, I have reached out, I am wondering if I will be reaching into the valley of confusion and be able to hold onto the friends hand. the thought of being burdened comes to mind, however I again say that friendship is about caring the other's burden for a little while atleast until they are able to get their footing back.
Friendship is a cultural practice that binds people together on a love level that shapes our daily experiences. I am a friend, which translates into I love this person and am here for them as long as they wish to have me around. Yet, in giving do we find ouselves draining our own reserves or do we find ourselves filling up our reserves only to have them drained by others who identify their self as a friend yet are not.
What are our standards that define ourselves as friends? Can there be a standard that we check, whch says yes you can come sit on my heart?
I reach out, letting you know that I am feeling your heart's turmoil and all I can offer is an ear to listen a hand to hold and a whisper of hope that will help you see the beauty in today's moments.

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